POETTS Accreditation Process

It is recommended that clinicians reporting Perioperative CPET complete training before reporting independently. These educational targets were developed after peer review by the national CPET forum delegates. If you are interested in accrediting and already have CPET experience or are working within CPET, please contact POETTS.

Accreditation with POETTS involves:


For new practitioners;

  • Attend an accredited CPET course
  • Independently perform a minimum of 25 CPET tests with evidence in logbook
  • Report a minimum of 50 pre-operative CPETS under supervision of a POETTS accredited member
  • Complete sign off Paperwork by POETTS accredited member with evidence of the above
  • Email the above paperwork to accreditation@poetts.co.uk for validation to receive certificate.

 POETTS CPET Sign off sheet (85 KB)

 POETTS Accreditation Log.xlsx (85 KB)


For practitioners who have been established in CPET practice for some time, there is the option for retrospective POETTS accreditation under the 'grandfathering clause.'

For those wishing to accredit through this process lease can you provide details of the following:

  • Any formal courses completed
  • Approximately number of tests personally reported annually
  • Approximate total number of tests reported
  • No of years active in CPET

Email the above details to accreditation@poetts.co.uk for validation to receive certificate.

The criteria for revalidation are

  • Reporting a minimum of 25 tests a year
  • At least 10 tests should be externally validated by a POETTS accredited physician.